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Nice to meet you 👋 I strive to solve people problems and build meaningful products.

Coming from an architectural background, I believe that good design is the perfect balance of aesthetics, functionality, usability, and delight. Innovation comes from a respect and understanding of people and being able to turn empathy into real world solutions. I'm passionate about real world relationships and how they translate to digital experiences: how can we utilize the good and best of technology to ensure people find meaningful connections and a sense of belonging? I'm a strong believer of good and ethical design as a fundamental part of daily life, and we as designers have that responsibility to continuously improve society throught design.


Facebook / Product Designer

10.2017 - Present

Facebook / Product Design Intern

05.2016 - 08.2016

Junior / Design Apprentice

01.2016 - 04.2016

PayByPhone / Design Intern

05.2015 - 10.2015

Microsoft Garage / Product Design Intern

01.2015 - 04.2015

LineHop / Product Designer (Freelance)

02.2017 - 05.2017

1Upside / Design Lead (Freelance)

10.2015 - 04.2016